Page 24 - Niên giám Cục Thống kê tỉnh Hà Nam năm 2018
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2017,  equaling  63.5%  GDP,  of  which:  state  sector’s  investment
                        reached  5,612.2  billion  VND,  (accounting  for  19.4%  of  total
                        implementation investment), decreasing by 0.3% compared to 2017;

                        the  non-state  sector’s  investment  achieved  15,325.1  billion  VND,
                        (accounting for 52.9% of total investment), increasing by 40.5%; the
                        FDI sector’s investment reached 8,008.7 billion VND, (accounting for
                        27.7% of total investment) and rising by 14.9%.

                             In 2018, the volume of state capital in the province focused on
                        constructions,  projects  in  terms  of  investment,  repairing,  upgrading

                        and  newly  building  schools;  projects  was  carried  over  from  the
                        previous years: project upgrading electricity network infrastructure in
                        communes in the province; infrastructure of traffic roads T2, T3 and
                        spirit road Ba Sao - Bai Đinh; prolonged Le Cong Thanh road; 499

                        road  connecting  Thai  Ha  bridge  to  Cau  Gie  Ninh  Binh  highway;
                        prolonged 38 highway; improving, upgrading highway 21B; repairing,
                        upgrading  and  decorating  streets  within  and  outside  Phu  Ly  city;
                        project  Tuong  Linh  golf  court;  industrial  zone  infrastructure;  Tam

                        Chuc – Ba Sao tourism zone, sports complex zone, etc.

                              In terms of attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI), in 2018
                        there were 46 newly licensed projects with total registered capital of
                        445 million USD, rising by 119,0% in number of projects and up by
                        252% in registered capital compared to that in 2017.

                             Additionally, there were 27 projects which were licensed in the
                        previous years, registered to adjust investment with additional capital

                        of  84.8  million  USD.  10  projects  were  withdrawn  with  total
                        investment of 131.8 million USD.

                             Generally  for  total  registered  capital  of  newly  licensed  FDI
                        projects  and  additional  capital  in  2018  were  529.8  million  USD,
                        mainly  focusing  on  the  manufacturing.  Among  countries  and

                        territories  invested  in  projects  in  Ha  Nam  in  2018,  Japan  was  the

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