Page 25 - Niên giám Cục Thống kê tỉnh Hà Nam năm 2018
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biggest investor with total capital of 175.1 million USD, accounting
                        for 39.3%, the following was China with 145.1 million USD, making
                        up 32.6%; Korea invested 104.7 million USD, representing 23.5%.

                             In  comparison  with  the  whole  country,  in  2018,  the  FDI
                        attraction in Ha Nam ranked 11/63 in number of projects and 7/63 in

                        investment attraction.

                             As  accumulated  as  of  31   December  2018  the  province  was
                        recorded with 243 FDI projects in effect with total registered capital
                        of  2,784.7  million  USD.  Of  which,  207  projects  were  within  the
                        industrial  zone  with  registered  capital  of  2,567.1  million  USD,  36

                        projects  were  outside  the  industrial  zone  with  registered  capital  of
                        217.6 million USD.

                             In  2018,  the  area  of  completed  constructed  housing  floor  was
                        estimated to reach 1,001.8 million m , an increase of 5.5% compared
                        to 2017, of which, apartments gained 1.6 million m , accounting for
                        0.2%; private houses were 1,000.2 million m , making up 99.8%.

                             5. Price indexes

                             Market prices in 2018 in Ha Nam province witnessed a relative
                        stability with a little fluctuation in prices. Some essential goods such
                        as food and foodstuff, etc were not as high as the rate in the previous
                        years.  The  price  index  in  December  2018  increased  by  1.91%

                        compared to December 2017. Compared with the average of 2017, the
                        average CPI in 2018 increased by 3.13%, which was lower than the
                        increase  of  the  average  price  index  in  2017.  Specifically,  the  main
                        reasons for the fluctuation of the consumer price index in 2018 were
                        as follows:

                               Implementing  the  Circular  No.  15/2018/TT-BYT  dated
                        30/5/2018  and  the  Circular  No.  39/2018/TT-BYT  dated  30/11/2018
                        on promulgating regulations on price uniformity of medical check-up
                        and treatment with health insurance that strongly impacted on medical

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