Page 26 - Niên giám Cục Thống kê tỉnh Hà Nam năm 2018
P. 26

indexes and health care services, especially the average price of health
                        care service in the same period increased by 9.56%.

                             In  addition  to  the  price  of  health  care  services,  the  price  of
                        education  services  in  2018  also  increased  considerably  due  to  the
                        increase in price of some services such as private kindergarten tuition,

                        college  and  intermediate  tuition,  vocational  schools  ...  compared  to
                        the previous school year. On average, the education group increased
                        by 4.15%, of which education services increased by 5.15%.

                             Along  with  the  price  of  health  care  services  and  education
                        services,  the  prices  of  some  essential  goods  also  increased  sharply

                        such as: the average fuel price grew by 14.78%; liquefied petroleum
                        gas prices rose by 7.55%; the price of kerosene went up by 26.04%;
                        domestic electricity price increased by 8.34%; prices of construction
                        materials  climbed  up  by  11.41%  compared  to  that  in  the  previous

                        year.  High  prices  of  fuel,  gas  and  electricity  in  the  past  year  had  a
                        direct impact on the overall price index of the year as well as indirect
                        influence on prices of many other commodities.

                             The  complicated  global  economic  and  political  situation
                        augmented the price of gold and USD exchange rate in the year. Gold

                        price  increased  by  2.63%  on  average;  The  US  dollar  exchange  rate
                        grew  by  1.22%,  that  directly  and  indirectly  impacted  on  imported
                        goods  or  domestically  produced  goods  with  materials  derived  from

                             6. Enterprise

                             In 2018, the number of newly established enterprises in Ha Nam
                        was 599 enterprises with total registered capital of 7,426 billion VND;

                        the  average  capital  per  newly  established  enterprise  in  2018  gained
                        12.4  billion  VND.  In  2018,  there  were  164  temporarily  ceased
                        enterprises  and  49  enterprises  completed  procedures  of  dissolution

                        and bankruptcy.

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