Page 4 - Niên giám Cục Thống kê tỉnh Hà Nam năm 2018
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                             In  order  to  meet  the  demand  of  researching  socio-economic
                        situation in Ha Nam province, Ha Nam Statistics Office has compiled
                        and published the book “Ha Nam Statistical Yearbook 2018”.

                             The book includes official reported data of the year 2010, 2014,
                        2015, 2016, 2017  and preliminary data of 2018.

                             Some special signs used in the book:

                             (-): No fact occurred.

                             (...): Fact occurred but no information.

                             Structure indicators: Total equal 100%.

                             Index indicators: Previous year is the base year and equal 100%.

                             During compilation and publishing, mistake is unavoidable, we

                        are  looking  forward  to  receiving  any  ideals  and  comments  from
                        readers  and  users  to  complete  Ha  Nam  Statistical  Yearbook  in  the
                        next release.

                                                                HA NAM STATISTICS OFFICE

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